News from Mina Oglesby

April 2, 2015

Dear Friends!

Lots of ministry opportunities since our last "News" report in January! We have had great meetings in South Carolina, Alabama, Texas, and looking forward to upcoming ones in two locations in Florida, Alabama, and then two locations for Mother's Day meetings and services in Missouri. It is so thrilling to us to return to "old friends' churches" and also have the privilege of ministering in new ones!! It is SOOOO exciting to depend on the Lord to open those comforting to know HE orchestrated them, and not us!!

This week is "overnight company" week at our couple came for dinner and to stay the night last night; another couple will come tonight and spend two nights; then our daughter, Faye, will come on Saturday, spend the night, and attend church with us this Resurrection Day!! We don't get to see her much due to her very busy work schedule, trying to juggle one full-time and one part-time job, so it will be a blessing to have her here.

Sometimes I wonder, "Where does our time go??" I'm not sure if the schedule is busier, or if we are just SLOWER in getting everything done!! Life just seems to fly by with the ordinary daily happenings as well as the unique opportunities for ministry and hospitality thrown in...never a DULL day with the Lord, is there?

Hope to see YOU somewhere along the trail this year...either here in our home, there in a meeting, or in the air as we are called to HIM!!!!!!!!

Love to each one,
Bro. Ed and Mina

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